Integrated management system

Integrated management system

Aiming to promote a continuous improvement in key aspects for the development and growth of our terminal, and with the purpose of reaching high quality standards on services and customer care, Integrated management system area is born.

With a workpolicy clearlydefined, supported by core values like

  • People's life
  • The prevention of incidents
  • Work-related diseases
  • The quality of services
  • The care of the environment
  • Continuous improvement
Propósito de SGI


It was created for the development of mechanisms and fundamental tools, such as:

  • Improved internal communication.
  • Improved customer communication.
  • Generation of standard procedures.
  • Certification of quality standards.
  • Improvements in working conditions in compliance with applicable legislation.
  • Programming training on hygiene and safety and environmental care.
  • Better care in handling and maintenance of equipment.

Through this policy and management which make up SGI, Terminal Puerto Rosario S.A. focuses on reaching its mission, achieving competitivity, with the purpose of satisfying their clients, performing the neccesary leadership and considering the people as a key factor in the development of the whole activity.